“People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.” I remembered this quote from a while ago and it is still valid today. The biggest difference between a happy purchase experience and an unhappy purchase experience is in the way the salesperson or company treats you.

If you ask buyers about the unhappy purchase they had they will say such things as “He didn’t listen to me”, “She didn’t get back to me when she said she would”, “They just ignored me” or “They tried to sell me something I didn’t need”

If you ask the buyers who had a happy purchasing experience they will say things like “He couldn’t do enough for me”, “She really listened to me and really understood me”, “He helped me chose the best thing for me” or “She really clicked with me and I trusted her”

The key is to MMFI, ‘Make Me Feel Important’. To achieve this as a sales person you need to connect with your prospects and customers.

It is true that from a buyers and sellers point of view the sale goes along smoothly if the two parties are on the same wavelength.

If you are on the same wavelength as someone they are easier to get along with and you start to like them. The old Warren Buffet saying that for a sale to go ahead “You need to know them, you need to like them and you need to trust them” is very true.

But how do you get on the same wavelength as your customers. You may be quiet and say a few words and the other person is talkative and loud. It is a mismatch of personalities and could lead to a breakdown in communication or in sales a lost order.

The answer is that you need to connect with them. Another saying from my old Sales Director was “Remember, who is buying and who is selling. If you are selling you must change to connect with the buyer, not the other way around”

The key to making a connection is that you must recognise the personality type of the person you are working with.

Once you identify your customer’s personality type it is easier to have a conversation with them.

Being in tune with your prospects and customers can often be the determining factor in any sale.

Spend time listening and watching what your contact says, does and even the way they write on email, texts and letters. You should even listen to their voice mail message. These actions give you so much information about their personality.

Once you know their personality you will know to connect with them. If they are enthusiastic be enthusiastic, if they are quietly spoken be the same, if they want to know the answer to everything make sure you answer everything.

Michael McMeekin of Arrow Sales

Once you have mastered how to recognise their personality you will be able to connect and hit it off with all your customers.

If you want to know more about how to recognise personality types and how to connect with them, please contact me at michael@arrowsales.co.uk or 0191-6403731.

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