The Framework Contract will ensure availability of skilled Contractors to deliver building construction works packages and design services of differing values and complexities as required for the NEPO207 Building Construction Works Framework Contract. Successfully awarded Contractors will be required to work together with NEPO, Client departments, consultancy firms and other Framework Contractors to drive improvements and support the aims and ambitions of the NEPO Construction Category.

The main areas of activity may comprise of, but not exclusively be limited to, individual projects or programmes for new build work and / or extensions and / or improvements and / or renovations of schools (including maintained schools), libraries, civic offices, headquarters buildings, social services properties, museums and historic buildings, leisure facilities, universities, further education buildings, colleges, academies, health service buildings, emergency service buildings, third sector Organisations, buildings used by Government Departments and Government Agencies as well as other operational establishments, premises, and assets to be used by similar public service providers.

This also includes small scale housing/residential works – covering but not limited to general needs and assisted living/supported housing in the form of houses, flats, bungalows and blocks. This may also include housing for sale.

Given the nature of Building Construction Works, it is highly likely that there will be the need for some elements of other types of work such as civil engineering, infrastructure and demolition. The specific Projects that may be procured under this Framework Contract cannot be clearly defined at this stage.


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