It’s never too late to learn from other businesses, according to Mike Furze, Regional Director of Kier. As sponsor of this year’s Manufacturer and Construction Company Award, the Kier Group, a multi-national provider of property, residential, and construction services, is no stranger to learning from local companies.

“This will be the third year that the Kier Group has sponsored a category in the North Tyneside Business Awards,” explains Mike. “Kier is very strong on corporate responsibility and we see our involvement in the Awards as a big part of that. We strive to show support to other businesses in the local area.

“I have found that you can always learn from what other businesses, in other industries, do and find a way to make improvements in our own business, as a result. Meeting the shortlisted companies provides us with an excellent platform on which to share, understand and learn. That’s always invaluable.”

Kier operates across a range of sectors including defence, education, health, housing, industrials, power, property, transport, and utilities. For more information, visit

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