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Spotlight on Success : Nirvana Europe Ltd

Spotlight on Success : Nirvana Europe Ltd

Travelling the road to success

Nirvana Europe Ltd, based in North Shields, works with clients from all over the UK to organise and execute bespoke travel, accommodation and logistical arrangements to enable sporting competitors and spectators alike to attend sporting events all over the globe.

Nirvana picked up the Retail and Service Provider Award at the 2017 North Tyneside Business Awards.

Founded in 1999, the team at Nirvana has been based in North Tyneside for 17 of those 19 years and takes full advantage of the business and personal benefits offered by the region.

Nigel Morris, Managing Director of Nirvana Europe Ltd, explains the company’s plans.

What does Nirvana Europe Ltd do?

At Nirvana, we employ 14 people on a full-time basis and work closely with around 50 casual staff around the world.

As a company, we plan and deliver bespoke travel services to people who either want to compete in or spectate at national and international sporting events around the world. We organise travel, accommodation and all of the logistical elements of such a trip, enabling our customers to sit back and relax while they enjoy their trips.

We also work closely with schools, colleges and universities to take the pressure of organising educational and sporting trips off the staff. They can rely on our expertise to make sure every trip goes according to plan.

How did you come to apply for the Retail and Service Provider Award?

The Awards were mentioned in one of our staff meetings back in the summer of 2017. As a team, we decided that we should apply to raise awareness of the company in the local area. We weren’t sure, initially, whether to apply for the Retail and Service Award or the Leisure and Tourism Award, as our company spans both categories.

We took some advice from The Business Factory about it and decided to go for the Retail and Service Award.

What does winning the Award mean to your business?

We were absolutely thrilled to win the award. Having been based in North Tyneside for almost 17 years, it’s clear to us that we are an unknown quantity to local residents and businesses. The vast majority of our clients are from outside the area so it’s understandable that the people of North Tyneside haven’t heard of us. We hope to work with schools in North Tyneside to assist with both sports and educational tours and we hope that winning this award will help us to achieve these goals.

What are you plans for the business?

Our plan is to grow and expand the business. Over the past few years we’ve built some really strong relationships with some of the UK’s national sporting federations, providing complete travel, accommodation and logistical expertise for major sporting events both in the UK and internationally. We plan to build on those relationships and foster new ones, to cover the whole sporting spectrum.

What’s the best thing about running a business in North Tyneside?

Being heavily involved in sport, living and working in North Tyneside allows us to take advantage of the beautiful coastline during our running and cycling commutes to and from work.

Aside from that, there are numerous other desirable qualities about working in North Tyneside, such as a positive community spirit, a great range of local shops and services and some hugely attractive outdoor spaces.

We’re actively looking to relocate our offices, but will definitely be staying within North Tyneside to build our business.

For more information about Nirvana Europe Ltd visit https://www.nirvanaeurope.com/en

For more information about the North Tyneside Business Awards, please visit northtynesidebusinessawards.co.uk



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