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Preparing your business for public sector tenders

Preparing your business for public sector tenders

Most small businesses believe that local authority and government tenders are only for big organisations. Yes, the multi-million pound tenders are aimed for large companies that can deliver to scale and have the infrastructure to both respond to and deliver these large tenders.

However, what a lot of small companies don’t realise is that the UK Government has an ‘urgent focus’ to procure 33% of all public sector spend from small and medium businesses just like yours.

Michael McMeekin of Arrow Sales explains more:

“its great news if you are forward thinking small or medium sized business that is looking to grow its business in North Tyneside and with it’s local council.

The other good news is that one in ten small or medium sized businesses are choosing to ignore these tender opportunities with a range of excuses such as:

  • We haven’t got the time
  • The questions are too difficult to answer
  • We don’t know how to respond
  • We will never win
  • We have never worked in this sector before

Recognise these excuses?

These are just excuses and the sad thing is that small and medium businesses with a bit of planning and thought can increase the chances of winning public sector tenders.

If you are a small or medium size business, look at it from another viewpoint.
• Imagine a customer that pays you within 30 days when you deliver a successful service
• Imagine a customer that can offer repeat orders over a period of two to five years if you continue to deliver a quality service

You don’t need to imagine it as lots of small and medium businesses are getting paid in 30 days and are getting regular contracts that are helping to grow their business.

The question you should be asking is how I can apply for the Dynamic Purchasing System, become an approved supplier and how can I prepare my company so that we are tender ready, so we increase our chances of winning other public sector contracts.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare in advance of any tender:

  • Gather your Financial Information from your accountant or your HMRC returns
  • Make sure you have your Insurance Documentation up to date and have copies that can be sent with a tender
  • Update the CV’s of your key personnel and save them in readiness for any tender response.
  • If you use sub-contractors gather their details
  • Ensure you have your Health and Safety process and documentations available and up to date
  • Put together your client case studies and testimonials
  • Speak to your key customers and ask if they would be a referee for you
  • Book yourself onto this workshop ‘3 easy steps to register for the North Tyneside Council DPS Construction Tender’

Once you have responded to your first tender the process becomes easier especially if you have information and documents ready before you start.

The workshop on the 5th March will help take the mystery and confusion out of registering for the North Tyneside Council DPS tenders

Bring along your laptop and then we will guide you through the three easy steps.

1. Step One – With our help you will register your company on the NEPO portal which will allow you to find and bid for this and other tenders. We will also help set-up an email alert, so you receive future suitable opportunities delivered direct to your inbox

2. Step Two – You will register for this tender and be able to view and download the tender documents

3. Step Three – We will guide you through each of the documents and show you how you should complete the questions so that you can submit your application before the closing date

Winning tenders for small and medium businesses are now possible if you are prepared to put in a little bit of work.

The choice is yours to make!”



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