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What happens next?

What happens next?

You might be wondering what happens when you apply for the Dynamic Purchasing System? 

Sarah Heslop, Contract Manager on the Construction project team explains more.

“The first stage of the DPS is purely a compliance check ensuring interested suppliers meet the minimum requirements and have the relevant qualifications required by the North Tyneside Council to be added to the DPS including health & safety. Further technical information may requested at Mini Competition stage as well as pricing information, as work is required in each Lot, for the duration of the Contract.”

“The DPS applications via the NEPO portal are managed in rounds. As soon as a new application is received one round closes and another one opens which means that organisations can apply to join at any stage of the contract. The first rounds have just closed and we (North Tyneside Council) have received a great response to the opportunity.

“The Authority cannot limit the number of applicants for each lot and mini competitions will be issued to all organisations who have expressed an interest in that Lot. You do not have to submit a response to every mini competition if you do not have the capacity or skills/accreditation’s required for that particular piece of work.”

“The Council will be holding further events detailing how mini-competitions will be organised and how you can bid for works. Further details will be issued shortly.”

Check out what services North Tyneside Council are looking for on our handy page

You can also register for each of the opportunity contracts at North East Procurement Portal https://procontract.due-north.com/Opportunities/Index?p=1c9e782c-541e-e611-8114-000c29c9ba21&v=1



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