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ShowBiz 2020: Metamorphosis

ShowBiz 2020: Metamorphosis


Thursday 26th March, 8:30am-12 noon

Village Hotel, Cobalt Park

North Tyneside Business Forum presents “Kitchen table to boardroom table”

ShowBiz 2020: Metamorphosis is the networking event for North Tyneside businesses looking to be inspired, to overcome challenges and aspire to grow their business from the kitchen table to the boardroom table.

Metamorphosis gives all North Tyneside businesses irrespective of size, the opportunity to hear from and network with big time home-grown North Tyneside businesses as well as local start-ups.

Featuring a keynote from Dragon’s Den stars’ Oatein, interviews with Forum management group members Wubbleyou and Andrew Esson, and Quorum Business Park-based firm Connect Health plus case studies from small businesses Love Electrics and Mint Communications.

A morning filled with seminars, interviews and networking opportunities on all stages of growth with The Business Factory, Scale up North East, the North East Fund and Invest North Tyneside; all hosted by founder of Newcastle start up week, Paul Lancaster.

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  • Registration, refreshments and networking
  • Welcome & Introductions by Paul Lancaster
  • Interview “Starting at the kitchen table”
  • Seminar “Am I ready for the next level?”
  • Break
  • Keynote speaker – Andy Dixon, Oatein
  • Chat “The challenges of funding for business – how the North East Fund can help”
  • Interview “We’ve got the boardroom table”
  • Networking & Refreshments

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“Starting at the kitchen table”

Exploring the challenges of starting up a business, networking in the right places, using the specialist support that is available to break into new sectors and taking on your first staff.

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“We’ve got the boardroom table”

An interview with Head of Estates and Facilities following the decision to expand its head office following rapid growth, and a chance to hear from the team that made it happen.

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Paul Lancaster

Paul Lancaster is an award-winning ‘SuperConnector’ working to make the North East of England the best place to start or grow a business in the UK.

Paul is the Founder & Event Producer of the annual five-day Newcastle Startup Week festival & one-day Newcastle Scaleup Summit which have taken place in May every year since 2017. He also runs the monthly Founders’ Friday events which began in July 2018.
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“The Challenges of funding – how the North East Fund can help”

An informative chat tackling the challenges of funding for small businesses, how funding can be used and the benefits it has had in the local area.

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Andy Dixon

From Design to Den

Providing a range of High Protein, Low Sugar snacks and exporting to over 55 countries from their HQ in Whitley Bay, Andy Dixon will be speaking about the journey and their January 2019 appearance on BBC2’s Dragons Den with a 5m TV audience!
[/et_pb_toggle][et_pb_toggle title=”FAQS” admin_label=”FAQs” _builder_version=”4.3.2″]Do I need to come for the whole event?
It would be beneficial for businesses to come for the full event as we don’t want you to miss out on any of the inspirational seminars and interviews. If you do wish to join us after the event starts, please try and be quiet when you enter the seminar room.

How much time is there for networking?
North Tyneside Business Forum’s strapline is connecting and supporting businesses, so we’ve built in lots of time for networking over breakfast, during a refreshment break and before you leave.

Is there a charge for parking?
Anyone who is at the hotel for four hours or more will need to pay a £5.00 charge either at the kiosk in the reception area or there is an app that is very easy to use. We’ve kept the event to exactly four hours and will be finishing before noon so if you arrive about 8:30am, you won’t need to pay for parking.
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