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Beating the January blues

Beating the January blues

January is a tough time, even in the best circumstances. Cold weather, dark nights, stretched finances and recovering from a busy and overindulgent Christmas break all add up to a challenging time for many people.

But add the current situation on top and it’s even trickier. It’s important to look after the mental health of every member of your team to keep everyone healthy and safe.

That’s why we’ve written this blog to help you and your team avoid the January blues and leap right into the New Year with positivity in your step.

Focus on last year’s successes

Before you even set foot on the ladder that is 2022, focus on the successes of 2021. Yes, it was a tough year in many regards, but find the positives and pull those out to celebrate. Meet as a team to go through the successes, taking the time to highlight the staff members who have worked particularly well but remember to congratulate great team work too.

Continue celebrating wins as you go along too. It’s a way to recognise the hard work of your team and keep moral and motivation up throughout the team

Set some achievable goals

Once you’ve picked out what went great in 2021, use those to set achievable goals for 2022. Involve the whole team in setting the goals and encourage ownership of them too. Why not work together to set the goals and incentivise everyone with treats for success. Even small rewards will help motivate everyone to work together to achieve the goals.

Encourage healthy habits

After the excesses of Christmas and New Year festivities, many team members might be looking forward to a bit of a detox to lose weight, feel healthier and shake off the January blues. Find out what they need help with and get on board.

Provide healthy snacks for your team or encourage outdoor, walking meetings to get fresh air. Set up a lunchtime walking group or ask the catering staff to lay off the stodgy carbs in the canteen.

Fresh air, exercise and healthy, energy-giving snack will all help to motivate and energise your team, enabling them to perform to their best.

Lead from the front

Encourage your team to lead by example. If you’re the boss, your behaviour will trickle down through the team and encourage others to follow your lead. Keep spirits up by engaging with staff in a positive way throughout the month. Meet regularly and praise the good work that’s being done.

Keep an eye on work/life balance

While it’s always encouraging that you and your team care about the welfare of the business, it’s crucial that a work/life balance is achieved for the longer-term health of your team and your business.

If someone is consistently working outside of their core hours (a problem which can be worse in those working from home) make sure to break that habit before it forms into an expectation. This is another of those examples where leading by example can help to set precedents in the work place. As a leader, be seen to switch off and wind down at the appropriate time.

Communicate, communicate, communicate

Keep everyone informed. There’s nothing worse than feeling out of the loop or isolated.

Use all the channels you can to communicate policies, opportunities and successes with the whole team. Keep everyone informed and they’ll feel part of the bigger picture rather than out on a limb.

If someone’s struggling, talk to them. Simple steps can mean an awful lot to someone who is feeling lonely, anxious or cut off.

What are your top tips for beating the January blues?



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