Category: Forward with

Category: Forward with

Taking time out for your mental health

Mental health isn’t something that some people have and others don’t. We all have it, good or bad. And everyone is on a sliding scale of mental health, changing positions on that scale as we go through life, challenges, experiences. It’s how we deal with

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Helping employees return after furlough

With ever-changing restrictions and constantly shifting goal posts, it’s been difficult in recent weeks, to grasp hold of anything resembling ‘normal’ when it comes to many people’s jobs. But as the furlough scheme draws to a close, so many employees in North Tyneside face the

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Adapting your Business Online, Networking

  Thursday 22 October 2020, 9:30am-11am Zoom – register for link After muddling through the past 6 months with what whatever equipment we have available to us at home, and working from home set to continue for the foreseeable future, lots of businesses are making

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North Tyneside Reboot Workshop

  Thursday 5 November, 9am-12noon Online – register for attendance To cut through the plethora of COVID webinars and vast array of information being generated at this time, we have been working closely with Northstar Ventures, to create a fully funded peer to peer business

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Managing Difficult Conversations in the Workplace

  As the global pandemic grinds on, there is no avoiding big conversations in the workplace. Whether you need to lay people off, reduce hours, talk about pay cuts or simply manage complaints and problems within your teams, the big conversations will crop up. Dealing

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Looking After You and Your Staff

  As many businesses take tentative steps to welcome their teams back into a physical working place, with the added challenges of local restrictions, it’s vital to ensure mental health and support are top of the priority list. The transition from homeworking to office-based work

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What finance is available?

As the UK adjusts to ‘the new normal’, businesses up and down the country are flexing their muscles, feeling out the pain points and readying themselves for striving towards recovery. To support our businesses in North Tyneside, we’ve done some digging around to find out

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Let us introduce Chris Wilson, a strong force representing Square and Compass Bar

With a diverse background covering operational, sales, marketing, international, and general management roles, Chris brings a lot of knowledge and a solid business network.

His extensive experience is ready to help the NTBF management team and nuture collaborative growth.


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