An updated offer to members and a broadened aim

In the past six months our membership has continued to grow with a further 100 new members and there have been a number of very positive changes at the North Tyneside Business Forum which have all been designed to support the business community in North Tyneside; encouraging economic growth, employment, sustainability and corporate responsibility with all of these changes taking place in an almost daily changing economic landscape.

Many of these changes have been of an administrative nature although there have also been some more fundamental changes which have re positioned the North Tyneside Business Forum as the lead organisation representing the business community in North Tyneside with business advice, training sessions, network events, increased use of social media and consultation on a range of issues at a local, regional and national level.

The biggest change in the past six months is that we have consolidated the construction and manufacturing sector steering groups into the management group so that we can have a range of businesses of different sizes and from different sectors represented to help give the Business Forum the necessary expertise and skill base to shape the direction, the activities of the Forum and to make our leadership stronger. The management group meet on a regular basis with all members’ volunteers; details of who is involved in this group can be found at our website and in the coming months minutes from these meetings will be available to all members through the website.

The management group have also in the past few months looked at what we are offering members to ensure that what we are offering is what the business community want and require. We remain a free membership organisation for businesses with a trading address in North Tyneside with an increased offer to members including:

  • Free attendance at business forum events
  • Opportunities for networking
  • Listing as a member on the Business Forum website
  • Logo to use on website/social media showing you’re a member of NTBF
  • Consultation on local issues
  • Dedicated communications to members
  • Access to North Tyneside Council departments and other statutory organisations
  • Business support in a range of areas
  • Personal introductions to other members

The Management Group members have also now become involved in a number of different groups in the borough to promote business, including the North East England Chamber of Commerce, attendance at North Tyneside Council cabinet meetings and the North Tyneside Strategic Partnership. As a result of this, North Tyneside Business Forum is now asked to comment on more major consultations in the borough than ever before and we will be publishing our responses on social media for members to see and we will be encouraging all members to put forward their views, where necessary.

We are also working closely with the Chambers of Trade in North Shields and Whitley Bay to promote business in the respective town centres, and for those businesses which are based in Wallsend; you can become involved in the Chamber of Trade and Commerce which we’re supporting and chairing with the aim to hand over to businesses in Wallsend when it becomes more established.

Events will continue to be facilitated for the Forum with two large events and the North Tyneside Business Awards taking place each year as well as smaller events such as Meet the Buyer and Business Safaris to business sites across the borough.

Finally our website is constantly being updated and we’ve been working with Queen Alexandra Sixth Form’s Business and Professional Studies students to launch a membership directory on our website so that members of the Forum are able to connect with other members easily and keep trade local, wherever possible. We have also increased our use of social media to promote the business community in North Tyneside.

Put simply, we are here for you to help your business and to make sure that the business community in North Tyneside has a clear voice to help to help to make North Tyneside a great place to work, live and visit.

If you have any questions or suggestions about business in the borough please do not hesitate to get in touch by calling 0191 643 6000 or by e mail 

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