In the current trading climate we have seen a radical shift in the way that people buy.  The sad fact is that too many firms have not adapted to this shift and as a result their sales have dropped. It sounds all doom and gloom right? Wrong! By making just a few changes you can radically increase your selling capacity. Because selling is no longer just about price or product, it’s now about real human interactions, having genuine interest in the client’s needs and ensuring that you are the beginning, middle and the end of the sale, in short, you are the biggest product that you will EVER sell.

For years we’ve were told that when we network we should be creating this speech and that speech, when we are face to face with a client we should wow them in order to keep them engaged, it all went a bit “Show Business” style. Selling has moved on, it’s evolved. The world suddenly went social crazy and now selling is much more social to. The new “professionalism” is now a lot more personal than it ever was. Engaging clients and people in different ways…personal ways, is now the future of selling.

Over the years, I have sold to thousands of clients varying from CEO’s and business owners through to members of the Emergency Services and even a record producer. But the essential thing was, I was able to adapt my style to meet theirs, I was able to speak to them using their very own language and I was able to connect with them on a personal level. This put me in some fantastic positions of influence and produced some great opportunities to create extra value in the current sale, and keep the clients coming back in the future.

It’s this personal touch, the relationship that you build and the trust that ensues that influences your clients to say “Yes” and buy from you rather than the next person. The smallest word or mannerism can make or break a sales opportunity in the first few seconds, the simplest touch or gesture can ensure that your sales flourish and it’s how you adapt your own personal selling style that creates the interest, passion and attention of your clients focused regardless of the environment you are selling in.

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to work with some great people from some very different professions. From Opticians and Independent Retailers through to financial organisations. It’s no secret that people sell as differently, as people buy differently. So that’s why I help people to create peak sales performance, speak their clients language and lead their sales team to success because by understanding each client, by adapting your style to be more people orientated than product or price alone, and through the realisation that you are selling yourself first, you can sell more and sell better in every situation!

Paul Wearmouth – Speaker, Coach and Author


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