As part of a larger, national company, Kier North Tyneside is a firm believer in the importance of Apprenticeships, offering a vast array of different levels and apprenticeship subjects.

Andi Gibson, Learning and Development Consultant at Kier North Tyneside, explains more about the company’s approach to apprenticeships and just how important they are to the future of the business.

Tell us a little more about Kier North Tyneside…

Kier North Tyneside is based in Killingworth and employs around 400 people across various areas of the business.

Kier Group is a leading property, residential, construction and services group which invests in, builds, maintains and renews the places where we work, live and play. We operate across a range of sectors including defence, education, housing, industrials, power, transport and Utilities.

Kier North Tyneside Ltd, which was set up in 2009, is a joint venture company (JVCo) between Kier and North Tyneside Council. Our remit covers the design, construction, repair and maintenance of council homes, schools and public buildings across North Tyneside.

How many apprentices do you currently have working in the North Tyneside area?

Kier North Tyneside currently employs a total of 16 trade and business support apprentices.

In our Trade section of the business we employ plumbers, electricians, plasterers, carpenters and joiners and offer amazing apprenticeship schemes to those looking to learn a trade in these areas.

In business support we employ business administration and finance apprentices.

Our first apprentices came on board with us back in 2009 when the JVCo was first set up and the various schemes we offer have thrived ever since.

Tell us what you’re most proud of about Kier North Tyneside’s commitment to apprenticeships…

All of our apprentices work towards an advanced apprenticeship level standard and we have won national apprenticeship awards in the past.

We’ve just heard that one of our recent graduates (Summer 2017) from our plumbing scheme has been nominated for the JTL Plumber of the Year Award – an excellent achievement which is testament to the standard of apprentices we enjoy here.

Can you tell us about any long-standing employees who have come through the Apprenticeship scheme at Kier?

Absolutely. Several members of our staff were previously apprentices. Many of those who have gone through an apprenticeship are now in team-leading positions within the company, from both the technical population and on the business support side.

As an example, Cherry Lisle started off as a business administration apprentice three years ago. She successfully completed her qualification and took on a fixed term post within our business team. From there she moved on to an administration role with the commercial gas training team and, most recently, Cherry secured a promotion into her current role of Learning and Development Coordinator early in 2017.

To top it all off, Cherry won the Kier North Tyneside Values Award in November 2017. Her outstanding commitment to the company values of being collaborative, forward-thinking and enthusiastic, secured her the nomination and she went on to win.

And all of that in three short years.

The theme of National Apprenticeship Week 2018 is “Apprenticeships Work” why do Apprenticeships Work for Kier North Tyneside?

We view apprenticeships as an outstanding opportunity to be part of something bigger.

An apprenticeship with Kier is an excellent opportunity for anyone who is keen to develop valuable skills, knowledge and behaviours in an exciting and fast-paced environment. We are also running a huge campaign across the whole Kier Group, called ‘Shaping Your World’.

Shaping Your World is an innovative campaign designed to challenge public perceptions and encourage the next generation of talent into the industry, by specifically engaging with Generation Z (11-15 year olds).

We’re very proud of our commitment to apprenticeships, which has been backed up by evidence that the scheme is working, time and time again.

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Employers are entitled to a £1000 incentive for recruiting an apprentice aged 16-18 or an apprentice aged 19+ who requires additional support, for more information about hiring an apprentice an how the Apprenticeship Levy can work for your business, visit our Recruitment page

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