Donation Opportunities

We know that a lot of businesses in North Tyneside want to support the fight against Covid-19 through by donating time, equipment or getting creative.

Your business can do this in many ways such as donating & making PPE, NHS scrubs bags, donating to food banks and more. We’ve brought together a range of opportunities for businesses from a number of organisations across North Tyneside.

Spare PPE Request

You’ll no doubt have heard about some of the great ways local people and businesses are supporting the response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Local schools have been producing protective face masks for NHS workers, for example.

It really is wonderful to see the community pulling together, I’m sure you’ll agree. In that spirit we’re reaching out to businesses like yours in the borough to see if you have any unused items that could be put to good use.

Things like unopened boxes of plastic aprons and disposable gloves or any other suitable PPE (Protective Personal Equipment).

We completely understand that times are unbelievably tough for everyone, no least the businesses that have been forced to close or make huge changes to the way they operate.

That’s why we’re only asking for any items that you may have spare that would otherwise not be used and go to waste.

The council has enough PPE for all those who need it in North Tyneside but it would be a huge help to have any extra in case it’s needed at any point.

There will be a drop-off point in reception at the council’s offices in Quadrant East at the Cobalt Business Park, which will be open on Monday 11 May and Tuesday 12 May.

Anything you can contribute would be very welcome.

Mark Longstaff, Head of Commissioning & Investment 

North Tyneside Council

Making for the NHS North of Tyne

After a discussion with North Tyneside Business Forum, Kim Suleman from Six Penny Memories and Christine Breen from Mendy’s Clothing Alterations wanted to use their skills to help make things for the NHS and discovered that frontline staff needed cloth bags to take their uniform home after every shift so they can wash both the bag and their uniform daily.

The Forum are looking for donations of material – ideal materials include duvet, curtains and even pyjamas. 

You can also help to making items, and the instructions for these can be found on the Making for the NHS North of Tyne Facebook page.

Drop off points can be found on the Making for the NHS North of Tyne Facebook page. 

Email for more information on the project. 

Donations for Foster Carers

Foster care fortnight starts on May 11th and we want to thank foster carers in North Tyneside for the fantastic job they do, even more so  in these difficult times. One of the ways we want to say thank you is by giving all carers a small goody bag.  If anyone was able to make a donation that could be included please can you contact Carly Brownlee or drop of your donation at Quadrant, Cobalt Business Park, NE27 0BY



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