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As a commercial photographer, I’m almost contractually obliged to trot out the old adage, “a picture paints a thousand words…”

I mean, who hasn’t heard that one before? But, in so many cases, it’s true. Don’t get me wrong, we still need words and always will. It’s just that, in today’s media heavy culture, a photograph not only grabs a reader’s attention, it can also go a long way to telling your story too.

Love it or loathe it, social media is here to stay. And it’s a hungry beast. Thanks to platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, our whole attitude to life is becoming more about instant gratification. People want more and they want it more often.

It’s your challenge, in business, to provide your customers with what they want – but who has time, right? I mean, do you seriously have the time and the budget to call out a professional photographer every time you need a new set of social media photographs? I didn’t think so.

That’s why, in my presentation for the North Tyneside Business Forum Showbiz 2018, I’ll be doling out some incredibly valuable hints and tips about how to create your own steady stream of content to satisfy your ravenous social media audience.

I’ll be discussing the best ways to make the most of your smartphone cameras, how to apply filters and effects to make the most eye-catching photographs and I’ll give you a load of technical tips to get you snapping to the best of your ability.

My aim is to wave you off with the tools, knowledge and information you need to produce visually enticing content to last you and your business up to three months.

I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

Angela Carrington, Managing Director – The Bigger Picture Agency Ltd,

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