Corporate Social Responsibility

How can my business get involved?

Voluntary Sector
Sector Connector, managed by VODA and supported by North Tyneside Business Forum, is designed to support businesses to get more involved with their local community in North Tyneside.

What are the benefits to my business?
• Giving back to the local community
• Develop the skills of your workforce
• Better working relationships of colleagues

How can I get involved?
• Donation of time
• Sharing skills
• Delivering workshops
• Employee volunteering

Quote from a business involved?
“We found that allowing our staff to spend some time helping groups understand what makes an effective publication pays enormous dividends in terms of them then being able to give us a clearer brief and achieve their own goals. It also benefits the professional
development of our team and enables yourPrintDepartment to play a real part in making the community stronger”

Rob Gibbons,

Sector Connector on
0191 643 2626 or

The Schools into Work Team will link businesses with schools to support young people to be prepared for the world of work, careers and enterprise. We will provide a range of programmes and meaningful encounters that make a real difference to young people by giving them higher and broader aspirations.

What are the benefits to my business?
• Develop the skills of your workforce
• Pass on your expertise to the local community
• Develop young people for the world of work

How can I get involved?
• Act as a business ambassador
• Deliver an engagement to a local school (this could be an assembly, workshop or lesson)
• Conduct mock interviews
• Attend careers events – e.g. a day in the life or career speed dating

Quote from a business which has been involved?
‘It is so rewarding to help students identify and describe their strengths. It’s great to see how they grow in confidence as the activity progresses. I would love to return to conduct follow up interviews. I’m sure they would be better again’

Business Ambassador,
Department for Work and Pensions

John Gibson, Programme Manager on
0191 643 2782 or

Public Health
Public Health in North Tyneside has teamed up with North Tyneside Business Forum to promote health at work for businesses.


What are the benefits to my business?
137.3 million working days were lost due to sickness or injury in the UK in 2016. This is equivalent to 4.3 days per worker.
Promoting a healthy workplace can:
• Decrease absenteeism
• Increase productivity and performance
• Enhance your organisations reputation

How can I get involved?
• Nominate a health advocate for your business
• Promote messages to the workforce
• Sign up to the Better Health at Work Award*

Quote from a business involved?
“Many people spend a great deal of time in the workplace, making it one of the most important places to get advice about healthier lifestyles. Evidence shows that workplace health programmes, like ours, can help to reduce sickness absence, as well as motivating and helping to retain staff. It’s good for everyone.”
Busy Bees Nursery

Maureen Turner – North Tyneside
Workplace Health Lead on
0191 2704514 (Mon, Wed & Fri) or
01670 623866 (Tue & Thurs) or

* It recognises the efforts of local employers in addressing health issues within the workplace. The award is open to all employers in the North East, regardless of size, location or type of business. The award supports organisations in the North East in a structured way to promote health and wellbeing in the work place with the aim of having a healthy workforce.

CSR Brochure

Download a round up of CSR in North Tyneside in one easy to follow document.


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