Building a brand isn’t just about getting your logo, company colours and key messages in line – there’s so much more to it than that, according to co-founder of Unwritten Creative, Lisa Eaton.

Based in Newcastle, Unwritten Creative works with companies across a range of sectors to help them maximise the potential of their brand marketing activities and communicate more effectively with their target market.

Buyer personas are central to every business’s marketing activity and Lisa will explain the three key areas that you should be focusing on to reach to maximise the potential of all your marketing: strategy, brand and digital.

Lisa explains that it is crucial to identify and understand what and who influences your customers to make purchasing decisions. Once you know that, you can deliver targeted and effective marketing with a measurable return on investment.

During her presentation at the North Tyneside Business Forum Showbiz 2018, Lisa will cover the basics of identifying your buyers’ personas and how to build your marketing activities around them.

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