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Tender Opportunity : Housing Specialists Works

Tender Opportunity : Housing Specialists Works

North Tyneside Council is seeking applications from suitable organisations that are interested in tendering for the frameworks for Housing Specialist Works.
Applicants wishing to register their interest against the opportunities and have access to the tender documents should go to the ProContract electronic tendering portal on the web site located at https://procontract.due-north.com/SupplierPreLoginHome

To register an interest in the above opportunity:-
Select Find opportunities, then with in the Organisations filter, select North Tyneside Council and then Update (located at the bottom of the screen) to see current opportunities. Select the Project title, detailed below, you should be directed to expression/registration page.

The references for the opportunities are: –

1. Contract 33 – Housing Specialist Drainage Works NEPO Portal reference DN373054 – Tender submission deadline 3rd December 2018
2. Contract 34 – Housing Specialist Asbestos Works NEPO Portal reference DN373074 – Tender submission deadline 3rd December 2018
3. Contract 35 – Housing Investment Fire Door Replacements NEPO Portal reference DN373077 – Tender submission deadline 10th December 2018

Completed tenders are to be returned via the electronic tendering system on the aforementioned portal only before 12 noon at the deadline shown above.

Unregistered suppliers will be directed to a Supplier Registration form to be completed.

Further information may be obtained by contacting:
Julie Batey or Christine Bordoli Procurement Services, Tel: (0191) 6435662
email: [email protected]. or [email protected]

No previous application or expression of interest shall be taken as an application for the purposes of this notice.



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