Opening up a world of opportunities for small businesses

Opening up a world of opportunities for small businesses

North Tyneside Council would like to appoint a range of contractors to carry out repairs to council homes, essential repairs to operational, schools and public buildings, and some specialist and consultancy services when construction returns to the control of the Council on 1st April.

Sarah Heslop, Contract Manager on the Construction project team explains more.

“A well as establishing some larger contracts, the new Dynamic Purchasing System is the ideal way for the Council to obtain goods and services from the market in a simple-ish way.

Although I’ll get strung up for this, it is like an approved list, for small local businesses.

If a business, regardless of size, is pre-approved it can be added to the list and asked for quotes on jobs. Yes there will be form filling but once it’s done it opens up a world of opportunities to contractors, consultants and the trades.

When the Council needs some goods and services it will turn to those on the DPS to obtain a quote for the works. For smaller works such as a quick repair this will be based on price only. You will simply submit your price and we take it from there. For more complex jobs some questions about how it will be delivered may be asked.

The DPS will be continually open for new applicants and new businesses to the market, so there is no deadline at this stage to adhere to. There is no obligation for you to accept work at any stage.”

The DPS has been split into 4 separate systems:
• Housing Repairs & Maintenance
• Schools & Commercial buildings
• Consultancy services
• Specialist Construction

Check out what services they’re looking for on our handy page

If this is something you’re interested in or being added to, and don’t know where to start, we’re running a workshop which will take you through the 3 easy steps to registering for North Tyneside Councils DPS.

You can also register for each of the opportunity contracts at North East Procurement Portal


Next week we’ll be speaking with our procurement consultant to find out more about preparing your business for applying.




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