A message from North Tyneside’s Director of Public Health

A message from North Tyneside’s Director of Public Health

With many shops and businesses set to reopen from Monday (15 June), Wendy Burke, North Tyneside’s Director of Public Health, is calling on businesses to play their part in helping keep people safe.

She said: “We’ve all worked really hard and are doing a fantastic job to help bring this terrible virus under control here in North Tyneside and further afield. We really are all in this together to prevent further people from becoming ill and more families suffering loss.

“Now is not the time to become complacent, the threat of Coronavirus remains with us and it will be there for some time to come and as many shops and businesses begin to reopen for the first time in months from Monday they have a vital role to play in the recovery effort but also in helping our residents to stay safe.

“As a council we have outlined a number of proposals to create more space to ensure people feel safe and confident when visiting town centres, shopping areas and busy streets as well as along the coast. This will in turn support businesses as they begin to reopen.

“Local businesses have a crucial role to play in keeping their customers and the public safe by following the government guidelines around social distancing and carrying out the necessary risk assessments to prevent the spread of infection.

“I’d like to thank everyone for their continued efforts and sacrifices to combat this virus and stay safe.”





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