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We don’t just focus on one aspect of a brand

We don’t just focus on one aspect of a brand

We love talking to our members about what they do and how they’ve overcome challenges in business. Plus, we also like to find out why they love North Tyneside as a place to do business.

We’ve been chatting to Andrew at The Pulse Rooms – Delivering Brand-led Growth

Tell us a little bit about the business

Simply put, we are a growth agency. We specialise in helping businesses to achieve brand-led growth by analysing, activating and amplifying their value.

We don’t just focus on one aspect of a brand. Instead, we take a holistic view, improving traditional and digital marketing approaches to grow the brand and the business. Every strategic move is defined in collaboration with the client, with the goal always being growth. This growth might involve reaching new customers, entering new markets, or even launching new products.

What is your motivation for doing what you do?

My business partner, Harvey, and I have extensive experience working with start-up and scale-up businesses internationally. Our motivation has always been to see businesses thrive by helping the owner match their passion and expertise with a real need within the market. Running a business can be isolating at times, which is why we work so closely with each of our clients to provide the necessary support and advice they need.

What are your plans for the business?

Although our offices are in the North East of England, we have clients scattered across the world. Our long-term goal is to grow our resource base to offer a global, multilingual service.

What’s your favourite thing about doing business in North Tyneside?

I’m originally from Cullercoats, North Tyneside, but spent seven years living in South Africa. This is where The Pulse Rooms originated. Since returning to the area and launching the business here, we’ve had the privilege of working with some incredible local organisations leading their respective fields. There’s a story to be told behind the door of every business. We’ve connected with some inspiring owners who are adding tremendous value to the area as a whole.

Have you worked in collaboration with any other North Tyneside businesses?

One of our first clients in the region was CBK Adventures – a kayak and SUP school based in Cullercoats. After changing and diversifying its offering, CBK had reached a point where the brand no longer reflected its value. It also had an ambitious target of doubling revenue within the next five years by identifying new growth areas and extending geographical reach.

To get to the heartbeat of the business, we started the process by completing a full brand audit that combined both internal and external insights. This involved interviewing staff, customers, and partners to understand what made the business tick and identify its unique selling points. We distilled this information and formed a new value proposition to match market trends and differentiate CBK Adventures from the competition.

We then redeveloped the entire visual identity, creating a flexible design system that enables the business to develop location-specific products moving forward. This launched in January 2021 with a campaign titled ‘Hit Refresh’. The campaign not only emphasised the introduction of a new brand, but also the importance of spending time in ‘blue spaces’ to improve your mental wellbeing.

Following the successful rebrand, we delivered ongoing marketing and communications support in alignment with an overarching communications plan. This support included PR, social media management, email campaigns, and paid-for advertising campaigns.

To help the business achieve its goal of doubling revenue, we also facilitated a series of growth sessions with members of the senior leadership team. These sessions enabled the team to identify and prioritise areas for growth within the business, giving them a clear strategic roadmap and systems for measuring success.

Tell us one thing that makes your business different from the rest

We understand that business growth doesn’t just happen overnight. That’s why we partner with our clients for at least 1,000 days to see them through the growth curve and into a period of sustainability.



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