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Member Spotlight: Embrace Adventure with Travel Buddy Newcastle

Member Spotlight: Embrace Adventure with Travel Buddy Newcastle

When Newcastle United secured a place in Europe, Mark’s passion for football and travel was ignited. Motivated by this newfound enthusiasm, he made a bold decision to set up Travel Buddy NCL.

Hi Mark, tell us about your business


At Travel Buddy Newcastle, we’re passionate about providing exceptional travel experiences to our customers. We offer a diverse range of travel packages that cater to various interests and preferences.


Firstly, we have the Football Away Day Packages, perfect for avid football fans who want to support their favourite team in away games. These packages include seamless travel arrangements to and from the game, comfortable accommodations, and match tickets. What’s unique about these packages is the opportunity to meet fellow travellers at our hub spots, creating a warm and family-safe environment.


If relaxation and rejuvenation are what you seek, our R&R Retreats and Relaxation packages are the ideal choice. Immerse yourself in tranquil settings, such as luxurious spas or serene country houses, and enjoy activities like massages, yoga, and invigorating hikes. We also offer fantastic Package Holidays tailored to your preferences.


For those eager to explore the rich history and culture of Newcastle and its surroundings, our Proud of the North Tours – GeordieLand is the way to go. Experience iconic sites like Hadrian’s Wall and football heritage grounds where NUFC was created. These tours aim to help Geordies rediscover their roots while accommodating the interests of new fans and young learners. Plus, you can upgrade your adventure with exciting activities like kayaking, fishing trips, surf lessons, and more.


One of our proudest ventures is our Medical Recovery Holidays – ZelleTours partnership. As the exclusive UK partner for Zelle-Hemp, we offer a secure and ABTA ATOL protected package holiday to Dallas, Texas, USA. The booking process involves a survey to understand your medical requirements, and Zelle will prepare a personalised strain for you upon your arrival. This allows for a supportive and healing experience for our customers.


At Travel Buddy Newcastle, we’re committed to crafting unforgettable journeys that cater to your interests and needs. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, an adventure seeker, or someone looking for relaxation and healing, we’ve got the perfect package for you. Let us be your trusted travel companion, and together, we’ll create memories that will last a lifetime! So, come and join us for your next extraordinary travel adventure with Travel Buddy Newcastle.

What is your motivation for doing what you do?


My passion for NUFC, the devoted fans, and my love for my hometown are unwavering. As for ZelleHemp, I have personally experienced its transformative effects in overcoming PTSD. Moreover, I am an avid travel enthusiast – after all, who doesn’t love to explore new places and cultures?




What are your plans for the business?  


Our business plans involve targeting various markets with the services we offer:

Champions League Away Day Packs: Our primary focus will be on season ticket holders, mainly through our partnership with J-Bus, which facilitates Newcastle United Away Day Travel. We will also cater to fans who simply want to travel and support the team.


GeordieLand Tours: Our target audience will include local communities, care homes, residential homes, and other potential clients. We have registered our company on an app to attract clients. We aim to particularly serve care homes and residential homes, as they are facing closures of banks, doctors’ offices, and social clubs, leaving the elderly without suitable social gathering locations. Through our tours, we hope to contribute to their overall well-being and create a happier, stronger, and more connected community.


ZelleTours Dallas Texas: This innovative patent program offers a unique package for those suffering from ongoing and existing chronic pain, such as individuals dealing with chemo or Parkinson’s disease, among others. We are excited to bring this service to those in need. Prior to the tour, Zelle will conduct a survey to identify the specific chronic pain of each customer. Upon arrival at the destination, we will provide the desired plant needed to help alleviate their pain. The tour itself will encompass a journey from seed planting to cropping and procurement, offering a relaxing and rejuvenating experience for the customers.


In summary, our business plans revolve around targeting specific customer segments with tailored services to fulfil their needs and create meaningful experiences for them.


One thing that makes your business different from the rest


At  Travel Buddy NCL , what sets us apart from the rest is our profound dedication to addressing the diverse needs and interests of our customers. Unlike others, we target multiple markets with our range of services. For football enthusiasts, our Champions League Away Day Packs cater to season ticket holders and fans alike, providing them with unforgettable travel experiences. Our GeordieLand Tours, on the other hand, extend a warm embrace to local communities, care homes, residential homes, and other clients, fostering a sense of belonging and connectedness. Additionally, our innovative ZelleTours Dallas Texas program distinguishes us further, offering a unique package for individuals dealing with chronic pain, which I personally overcame using ZelleHemp for my PTSD. Our commitment to creating meaningful experiences through tailored solutions makes us stand out in the market, and as an avid travel enthusiast myself, I understand the joy and healing power of exploration, which we aim to provide to our customers.



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