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3 Tier Systems


North Tyneside


Technology and Electronics


3 Tier Systems, based in the UK, offers world-class software development services centred on the development of high performance and scalable IT systems. With ever increasing connectivity linking customers, information systems and devices, we believe the network is the computer supported by loosely coupled software components networked together. Our services encompass the development of web applications, portals, data storage and the redevelopment of legacy software IT systems. SERVICES With major customers in the UK, Europe and Asia, we provide consultancy and have experience in a number of virtual markets across public and private sectors pensions, healthcare, financial management, and e-learning . For the last 15 years, we have provided innovative and technological leadership in designing, developing and maintaining both public and private software applications that meet the challenge of supporting large numbers of users. Other services also include IT consulting, testing and user interface design.

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Let us introduce Chris Wilson, a strong force representing Square and Compass Bar

With a diverse background covering operational, sales, marketing, international, and general management roles, Chris brings a lot of knowledge and a solid business network.

His extensive experience is ready to help the NTBF management team and nuture collaborative growth.


Square and Compass Bar

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