Tuesday 15 October, 8:30am – 10:30am

Join us for our first “what’s your views” event! Providing the business community with an voice on issues that matter to them in North Tyneside.

The first event will be focused on Apprenticeships and Skills.

North Tyneside Business Forum set up an Apprenticeship Working Group earlier this year to tackle the issue of apprenticeships, training and the complicated landscape for businesses in North Tyneside.

The group would now like to find out more about the demand for apprentices and skills across North Tyneside from the local businesses which recruit local talent in the area.

The working group will provide local businesses with an insight into the work of the group, the data already gathered and how it is intended to use the information whilst gathering your views on the best way to share this.

We’ll then have a number of facilitated round table discussions to gather business feedback on a couple of key questions for example the apprenticeship landscape in North Tyneside and how it could be improved, the main barriers for taking on an apprentice and the main sources of information for apprenticeship recruitment.

There will also be an opportunity for business networking and sharing of best practice amongst members.

Consultation and engagement with businesses in North Tyneside is one the Business Forum’s key priorities and we are encouraging any business in the borough to come along and give their views.

This event is only open to businesses with a trading address in North Tyneside. Pre-registration is required. Please note for the purpose of this first views event, training providers are not eligible to attend. We will engage with training providers further on in our research. 



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